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Nurse Assistant Job Description

The nurse aide works under the supervision of a licensed nurse providing services within
the client’s plan of care.


  1. Keeping certifications up to date, including CPR/First Aid, yearly PPD, and current auto insurance. Mandatory attendance at yearly skills training.
  2. Ability to use electronic visit verification, documentation of tasks and signatures.
  3. Provides personal care, bathing, grooming, skin care, mouth care, toileting.
  4. Observing and reporting changes in client condition to care coordinators, reporting suspected abuse, falls, hospitalizations, ER visits, unsafe living conditions.
  5. Provides socialization and interaction with clients.
  6. Maintains a clean safe environment: sweeping, mopping, laundry, trash removal, linen changes, cleaning medical equipment, emptying drainage bags.
  7. Escorting client’s to appointments, errands, shopping, assist with bill paying, pick up/reorder prescriptions.
  8. Health Maintenance activities: Vital signs, medication reminders, encouraging physical activity as client condition permits, provides active or passive range of motion, repositioning, encouraging good nutrition.
  9. Communicates with supervisors when unable to report to clients home as scheduled.
  10. Maintains current phone numbers and email address with CareMaster Medical Services.
  11. Activates 911 and administers CPR and First Aid as indicated.


  • Medication Administration: including oral, injectable, topical, inhaled, rectal, vaginal, IV, pill planners.
  • Wound Care: Reinforcement with dry dressing permitted.
  • Bowel Programs
  • Tube Feedings
  • Trach care, suctioning
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Ostomy Care (may empty or change bag)


  1. Must be able to work with equipment designed to assist with client’s mobility.
  2. Must be able to bend, stretch, squat, walk and stand as needed, full range of motion of all extremities.
  3. Must be knowledgeable of safe lifting techniques.
  4. Must be able to lift 50 pounds.
  5. Vision, hearing and cognition must be within normal limits
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