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Registered Nurse (RN) Job Description

The RN is a qualified nurse, who provides nursing skills to facilities (nursing homes, hospitals, doctor’s offices, etc.) and to private duty patients in their homes,  according to the Laws and Governing Practice of Registered Nurses in the state in which they are working.  These nursing skills are performed in accordance with the policies and procedures of each facility and with the physician’s order in the homecare setting.

1. Carries out physician’s orders in the facility and homecare setting.
2. Carries out plan of care for the patient.
3. Provides nursing services, treatments, nursing diagnosis and preventative procedures requiring specialized skills.
4. Follows facility policies and procedures in initiating preventative nursing procedures as appropriate for the patient’s care and safety.
5. Teaches and counsels the patient and family members regarding nursing care needs, procedures, diagnosis, and other related problems of the patient for discharge as dictated by client policies/procedures.
6. Observes and records signs and symptoms, reactions to treatment/drugs, and changes in the patient’s physical or emotional condition and reports to the attending physician.
7. Follows the Scope of Nursing Practice as set forth by the Laws Governing the Nursing Practice in the state in which the nurse practices.
8. Strives professionally and personally to continually improve his/her nursing care by broadening and deepening knowledge through attendance of workshops, conferences, professional organization and individual research and reading.

1. A current RN license in the state in which nursing services are being provided to patients of CareMaster.
2. Minimum of one (1) year of experience as a nurse, preferred.
3. A current CPR certification card.
4. Annual PPD report.
5. Professional Liability Insurance ($1 million/ $3million). Not required, but recommended.
6. Proof of Citizenship (Social Security Card, for example)
7. Passing Medication Proficiency Exam.
8. Completion of CareMaster Registry requirements.

Physical Requirements
1. Operates a motor vehicle to and from job assignments accepted from CareMaster. Necessary to get in/out of vehicle; walk to/from vehicle; and up/down stairs as required.
2. Requires full range of motions including handing, lifting, turning and transferring adult patients and in use of equipment necessary to provide care to the patients.
3. Bending, squatting, walking and standing as needed for 8 to 12 hour shifts in order to provide necessary nursing services, treatments, medications, and preventative procedures as required.
4. Be able to lift at least 25 pounds in supplies, equipment, etc.
5. Required corrected vision and hearing to normal range.
6. Required to work under stressful conditions and irregular hours as dictated by the facilities/patients of CareMaster Medical Services.
7. Be able to work providing nursing skills in accordance with the Laws Governing the Nursing Practice in the state in which these services are being provided to the patients of CareMaster.

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